pushing the boundaries in portable LED lighting
Welcome to the home of the longest throwing lights in the world

OMG Lumens is a cottage industry company dedicated to making durable, high-output, LED flashlights for law-enforcement, security officers, Search+Rescue, hunters and flashlight enthusiasts alike. Unlike other flashlight companies OMG Lumens is actually putting R+D into changing core aspects of the flashlight components to push the state of the art in flashlight design forward. With a focus more towards intelligent design vs following the fads of the day expect a light that performs second to none in the task for which it was designed. 

The company was started in March of 2008 by an avid flashlight enthusiast to make lights that perform second to none. The first product released beat every other flashlight manufacturer in the world when it comes to throw for an LED based flashlight. This is a record the company still holds today despite the fact that the industry is a very fast pace and competitive environment.  With the introduction of the new DEFT-X OMG Lumens is well positioned to continue this leadership in LED based throw lights.

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