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Note that this is now an archive page. The DEFT edc is no longer being offered.

World's longest throwing P60 sized flashlight far

The DEFT edc Enthusiast is the last in a distinguished line of hyper performance pocket spotlights.  The Enthusiast is the ultimate expression of performance and takes what was already world class performance to the bleeding edge of current technology.

This light is years ahead of anything else on the market.  It boasts the highest specific power of any LED light of any kind in the world today be that portable or fixed.  So as to not mislead we are not saying this is the longest throwing light in the world today because it is not. The ability of a light to throw is inextricably linked  to the size of the light so there are some lights that can throw farther but they are all, with no exceptions, much larger. The beauty of the DEFT-edc Enthusiast is the phenomenal power in such a tiny package.

How do we do it? Design-Execution-Quality components

The LED is direct solder mounted to a custom machined "pill" made of solid high conductance annealed copper. This then is joined to the body with an interference fit to maximize the heat transfer.  The copper used is very expensive  99.99% pure Copper with an IACS conductivity rating of over 101%.

The optics used in the Enthusiast are extremely high precision and very very expensive. This part is one of the chief components that were upgraded for this model only. They are the single most expensive component used in the construction of this light. They are AR coated for high throughput and feature a short focal length for maximum light collection and larger beam width than the DEFT edc LR+.  The main focusing optic is protected by an ultra-clear AR coated window. The effect of the two creates a rather jewel-like look which I have attempted to capture in the pictures.

The LEDs used in this light are the top 12 performing out of 300 of the highest rated bin of the highest flux density LED available on the market and then modified to almost double the performance beyond that!  In short these are the best performing LEDs that money can buy.

This light was intended to be just that extra bit special as a way to see off this line of pocket throwers. As such they have also received a polish on key areas of the light which makes this light look and feel exquisite. The polish is good but not museum quality. Just want to be sure your expectations are in line with what we have actually produced. The contrast of the polished parts and the anodized portions are very beautiful and I am sure you will be delighted with the result.

 I wanted to keep the glow rings but wanted something a bit more upscale than the usual glow color of green. A silver powder was cast as an outer layer to give a metallic/pearlescent look in the day but retains a glow core that shines through at night. The tailcap button cover also features this same look. 

On this last model we have also incorporated a forward clicky tailcap which is the most favored setup and often requested in the past. It has a nice positive and light feel to it.

Now to the performance figures. First a little bit of context.  The original DEFT edc did 40Kcd typical which to this day is still industry leading.(specific output) As in...nobody has beaten it! Even some modders intentionally trying to beat it have failed much less some other manufacturer. 

After that we came out with the revolutionary LR at 60Kcd typical. That was followed by the amazing performance of the LR+ at 72Kcd. Now we have the DEFT-edc Enthusiast coming in at a startling 86Kcd typical!!! All this while retaining the same small body and good runtime. That is a staggering 115% increase over a light that noone has yet to beat(edc).

As with the LR+ and it's predecessor the LR this light has a lovely neutral tint that also aids in color rendition and contrast outdoors.  In this light however the colors seem even more saturated and beautiful. This is due to the high quality lens that has very low dispersion or color separation. The beam is still the same otherwise- that is to say that it is a projection of the LED die which is the most effective way of achieving maximum throw.  I say this as a flashlight aficionado- this light feels and performs magnificent and I am very proud of it.  There have only been 12 produced and 11 available for sale so this is an exceptionally small run.

This is to be the last OMG Lumens product for a while and quite possibly the last in this size class ever for us.  Although there are still plans for new flashlights under the OMG brand I will be taking a break from it to concentrate on a new flashlight venture that I will share with you all very soon.    

-From my wife Teresa,  my sister Mandy and I we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support  all these years.  It has been a labor of love.

For purchasing and availability please see our online store.

Head diameter-33.6mm
Body diameter-25.08mm
Length- 135mm
Weight(without battery)- 114grams
Battery- 1 Rechargeable Lithium-ion 18650(battery not included)(not compatible with 123 size cells)
Pearlescent GITD tailcap cover
Pearlescent GITD Grip Rings
99.99% pure copper first tier thermal path(over 101% IACS conductivity rating)
Reverse polarity protection
Silver coated beryllium copper positive battery spring
1.4A Regulated Driver
Forward clicky switch
Neutral tint Cree XP-C Q4
High precision AR coated optics
Typical throw performance of 86K cd/86K lux @1 meter

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