pushing the boundaries in portable LED lighting
Without question the World's Longest Throwing LED Flashlight

Now upgraded to 1 million cd typical!!! That makes the DEFT-X the industry's first production LED light to meet this amazing milestone.

The new DEFT-X is performing at an astonishing 1,000Kcd!!! This represents a new world record for LED based flashlights.

The DEFT-X has a whopping 300% more intense beam than the closest competitor*(O-lightSR95SUT). That means you would have to buy four of the best the rest of the world has to offer just to equal one DEFT-X. And the DEFT-X does this while weighing a fraction as much as that light and is also much smaller in every dimension. We could continue to talk about “competitors” but truth be told the DEFT-X has no competitors.

 To put it mildly the DEFT-X  is a technological tour de force. Careful selection and matching of key components such as the driver, LED, optics, and thermal materials allow us to have searing performance while still retaining practicality and reliability.

 The DEFT-X uses the latest Cree XPG2 LEDs. These are bonded direct to copper for industry leading heat extraction. This was absolutely key to achieving the thermal performance necessary to make this product a reality.

Those who know us know we look for improvements anywhere they can be found. Whatever it takes to push the state of the art forward. At great cost we have undertaken to license technology from a company called Wavien. This technology is called RLT™.  RLT™ is Wavien's Recycling Light Technology. It allows for the use of light that would otherwise be wasted in an optical system such as the DEFT-X's. The light that would hit the sidewalls of the flashlight and die is instead reflected back at the LED until it exits the aperture and passes through the lens where it is then collimated into the beam. The net effect is a more intense beam than would otherwise be possible.

 Having this technology is not enough as we have come to find out by examining another product that has this technology in it. In this particular example the RLT was so poorly implemented that performance was actually better with it removed. So it is our proper implementation of the technology that has also been a key factor in this remarkable achievement.

 Practical Uses for a Light of this Power and Beam Type

 The DEFT-X  features a spot only type beam. The lack of spill light has benefits and shortcomings. The highly confined beam of the DEFT-X is not the type you would use to light the path in front of you with. Any old flashlight can handle the low level flood light needed for a pathway. But not just any flashlight can do what the DEFT-X can. It can tell you not simply what is at your feet but where to go and what's coming.

- Many customers of these type lights use them to give advanced warning of predatory animals. The more advanced warning you can get the better. In some cases it has been found to act as a deterrent to aggressive animals.

- The DEFT has also been used in law enforcement activities. Border control agents use them to be able to have a highly portable spotlight that allows them to scan large areas of desert landscape that would otherwise require an extremely large and unwieldy light.

- Police have used the DEFT for discrete searching around buildings or near busy roads. The highly confined beam allows one to put the light exactly where it is needed avoiding unnecessary disturbance of the surroundings such as people sleeping in their homes or blinding oncoming traffic which can result in a dangerous situation unfolding.

- For law enforcement officers this light also represents a potential life saver as the extremely intense beam has a “shock and awe” effect on people that could buy the officer valuable seconds as the person tries to regain composure. If they even can. The light is so blinding that the user cannot even be seen by the individual being targeted. The strobe option which is neatly tucked to the side is both non-obtrusive to normal operation but also easily accessible whenever needed and provides a further method to disorient individuals where such effect may be necessary.

- Those who are into boating will also find a light of this type and power to be an immensely powerful tool. When out on the water two elements come into play quite often. The need to retain night vision and also needing to identify markers which can be at great distances. A normal light that uses a reflector cannot control the light as well and is less intense but also has spill light that falls in the near field and can ruin night adapted vision.

- For hunters as well this characteristic of preserving night adapted vision due to the lack of spill light is essential. The tremendous throw of the DEFT-X beam also allows the hunter to be far more certain that the area behind the intended target is clear. There is no such thing as too much light down shot when it comes to this vital safety aspect of hunting.

The DEFT-X is in production now. Shipment estimated at 8 weeks. See the OMG online store for details on pricing and availability.

*excluding OMG Lumens own subsidiary company OneStopThrowShop's product the TN31mb which now ranks as second place in throw behind the DEFT-X


-1,000,000cd typical
-Direct to copper bonded Cree XPG2 Neutral tint
-Runs on 3 18650 Lithium-ion cells. Recommend Orbtronic"Protected 3400mAh NCR18650B" or similar "Protected" cell for maximum runtimes.
-564 grams without batteries/aprx 695 grams with batteries
-Length 205mm x 75mm(head diameter)
-6 level light output plus strobe
-Runtime aprx 2 1/2-3 hrs on high
-Forward clicky rear switch allows for mode selection before light powered on.

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